I have the following items for sale off a 2009 GT500 hardy used and all parts are clean and ready to install. Prices are very low. Seats fronts rear $500, door handles $50, lighted door sills $75, speakers all $35, trunk trim $15, steering wheel trim $15, exhaust mufflers cats h pipes complete cats to tips $150, harmonic balancer $50, face plate radio dash $25, motor mounts $25, heat Exchanger $100, radiator $100, antenna $1, hood prop Rod $1, piller trim drivers side $20, windshield cowl $25, manifolds with gaskets $75, coil covers $75,front brake dust shields $20, throttle body with electronics $100, center console with ambient lighting $55. See something you like let me know thanks.IMG_2625.jpgIMG_2626.jpgIMG_2627.jpgIMG_2794.jpgIMG_2635.jpgIMG_2637.jpgIMG_2637.jpgIMG_2843.jpgIMG_2868.jpgIMG_2837.jpgIMG_2855.jpgIMG_2810.jpgIMG_2776.jpgIMG_2836.jpgIMG_2888.jpgIMG_2895.jpgIMG_2875.jpgIMG_2689.jpgIMG_2653.jpgIMG_2651.jpg
Thanks Mark