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2024 Philly Auto Show Club Display Submission

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From: Heather Jackson <>
Date: November 21, 2023 at 3:38:38 PM EST
Subject: 2024 Philadelphia Auto Show - Club Car submission information

Each of you is receiving this email because you are the point of contact for your respective car club in my system. If I'm sending this to the wrong email address, let me know what the correct email is. Please share this information with your club members!

Calling all clubs! Calling all cars!

It is that time of year again when I reach out asking for Philly area car club members to give up their cars for 12 days! Yes… It’s time to get ready for the Philadelphia Auto Show again! The fact that PAS keeps asking us to come back year after year and we continue to have such great participation from so many different car clubs just shows how strong and supportive the car clubs in the Greater Philly area are. THANK YOU!!

The Club Car Display at the Philly Auto Show is all about showcasing the strong and vibrant car enthusiast community that exists in the Philadelphia area. While I’m a bit biased, I really believe that our area has one of the largest car club “cultures” in the country. The dozens of clubs in the area span all makes and models of cars, some being car or manufacturer specific while others are open to any and all car enthusiasts. You’ll often see two or more clubs working together to put on shows, run charity fundraisers, cruises or events. Above all, we all support each other. In my heart & mind, that is what makes the Philly area clubs unique.

If you’re interested in submitting your car to participate in the Club Car display, SEND AND EMAIL to Heather Jackson at Make sure to put 2024 Philly Auto Show Submission in the subject of the email or it won’t get seen. Your email MUST include the following:
Owner name:
Year, Make & Model of car:
SHORT description of car:
MOST IMPORTANT PART – I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOU, YOUR CAR AND YOUR CLUB! Is there a story behind your car and how you got involved with your club? Why did you join? What makes you stay involved? Why do you want to represent your club in the display? TELL ME YOUR STORY

Over the years I’ve constantly heard people say “my car’s not good enough” or “maybe next year after I’ve done x, y & z to it”. This is NOT a competition or a judged show. Personally, I love seeing cars that aren’t “show perfect” right alongside the ones that are impeccably maintained, because this display is NOT about how nice the car looks, how amazing the mechanical work is or how much power the engine puts out – it’s about the car owners and passion for their cars and their clubs. I’ve put my Cobra in the show in past years, not caring about the dents, cloudy paint or scratches – that car tells MY story about why my clubs mean to ME.

If you love your car and want to use it to show your support for your club, send it in and tell me your story!

The Philly Auto Show is earlier this year – it’s running from January 13th through the 21st. As a result, submissions are due earlier than in prior years.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15th . Decisions regarding who will be selected to participate will not be announced until December 22nd at the earliest. DO NOT email or message me asking if a decision has been made yet! When the decisions are made, everyone will be notified. If it’s taking longer than anticipated, everyone will be notified about that as well.
Due to the number of cars that are likely to be submitted, I cannot guarantee that everyone who submits their car will be able to participate. I wish we could put them all in the display, but we must leave room for the new cars!

Here’s the details you need to know before submitting your car:

*Your car will be on display on the main floor at the 2024 Philadelphia Auto Show which runs from Saturday, January 13th through Sunday, January 21st . ONCE THE CAR IS ON THE SHOW FLOOR IT CANNOT LEAVE THE CONVENTION CENTER UNTIL SUNDAY EVENING JANUARY 21st.

*MOVE IN WILL OCCUR REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER!!! I had at least 4 people pull out two or three days before the show in prior years because of the *possibility* of snow move-in day & left me scrambling to find replacements. Unless there is a state of emergency in Philly or many inches of snow on the ground MOVE IN WILL HAPPEN. Please remember this fact!

*The car owner will be given show credentials which will allow you to attend the show at any time to check on your car or just take it all in. I encourage owners to hang out at the display when they have time – there are always people who want to talk about the cars they admire and ask questions about them.

*Cars must be registered & insured – proof will be required to be on file with the show prior to move-in. In addition, you will be required to leave a set of keys in the Auto Show office so that if an emergency occurs, the cars can be moved. The keys will all be kept in a locked safe with restricted access, so you don’t have to worry about them.

*Move-in will be Wednesday, January 10th during the day (between 9 am and 3 pm). This is the day before any of the dealer cars are brought in (in fact they're still building a lot of the displays). MOVE IN TIMES WILL BE ASSIGNED TO PARTICIPANTS

*Move-out will be Sunday, January 21st beginning after the Philadelphia fire marshal gives the all clear once the show closes at 7pm. Your car MUST leave that night, but you do NOT have to be there right at 7pm to get your car. You will be able to arrive at a later time during that evening & move it out.
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