1. General Information
    Old Yeller
    Mach 1
    Light Yellow
    PS, PB, TT, CL, CG, RM, 3G

    After selling my 68 fastback that I had owned for almost 10 years I thought my days of owning a Mustang was over. Then in September of 2013 about 1/2 mile from my house I found this sitting on a lawn with a friendly FOR SALE sign.. Reasonable price = new home...


    Replacement Dash Pad and Door panels as originals were dry rotted.. Dan Nolan of Glazier-Nolan Mustang Barn acquired replacements and painted to match. (Great job). Still saving for replacement seat covers..


    Replaced AM radio with an original working 8-Track


    351W - updated air cleaner and valve covers.

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