68n08RGH's Garage :: 1968 Ford Mustang

  1. General Information
    Royal Maroon
    J Code, Deluxe Interior

    After shopping the internet for a 67 or 68 convertible for several months in 2003, with a budget of $15,000, I found my current 68 convertible in Springfield Illinois. After talking to the classic reseller 2 or 3 times and receiving approx. 40 photos of every angle of the Mustang I committed to reserving a U-Haul Trailer in Springfield, loading up the family in the Expedition and driving to Springfield in time for the 4th of July weekend. We met the reseller July 5th, I test drove the Mustang on route 66 and purchased the car. On our way back through Indiana, a severe storm popped up and forced us off I-70 and under a gas station canopy. This didn't help much to protect the Mustang on the trailer, as everyone huddled inside the convenience store, 70 mile an hour straight line winds wiped through the area. It turns out we were very lucky, the Mustang was not damaged and we later learned a tornado had touched down on I-70 where we had just passed.


    Royal Maroon, black dealer option stripes on the signal hood, dealer option luggage rack, painted GT style wheels, center cap, and trim rings, black convertible top with split glass window.


    Black deluxe interior


    After market AM/FM/Cassette Radio with single speaker in dash. Would like to replace with original or after market look a like radio.


    Stock J-code 302 4v factory dual exhaust. Power by Ford Mustang aluminum valve covers, chrome air cleaner.


    Painted GT style wheels, center cap, and trim rings. 14"x70 BF Goodrich radial raised white letter tires

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