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  1. General Information
    Torch Red
    V6 Pony Package

    While shopping for a new 2008 Mustang at Sloan Ford they told me about a Mustang identical to the Mustangs I was looking at, that had been won in a church raffle. The winner did not want to keep the car and Sloan Ford arranged to get the car to their lot for me to see. I bought the car in brand new condition with 235 miles on the odometer. I have been having fun with the car ever since. It went to the 50th in Charlotte and is going to the MCA 40th in Indy.


    Torch Red, Matthews Ford added the deleted factory "MUSTANG" stripe along the bottom of the doors and fenders. Added lower chin spoiler and matching torch red MMD hood scope from American Muscle.


    Stock dark charcoal leather pony interior




    Stock V6, added Ford Racing cold air intake and tune. Looking to add Ford Performance true dual exhaust soon.


    Stock Pony Package 17" wheels and original Pirelli tires.

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