1. General Information
    Mustang V6
    Vista Blue
    Pony Package

    My Car was order straight from the factory.
    Was order May 28th of 2005.
    Got her VIN number on July 1, 2005.
    Was completed on August 2, 2005.
    Window invoiced on August 15,2005
    It has a official Build Date of AUGUST 17,2005.
    Arrived @ Red Hill Ford August 28TH 2005
    Pick-up from dealer on September 1, 2005.


    Ordered from the Factory with:
    Pony Package
    Locking Lug Nuts
    Traction Control
    Active Alarm System

    20 % Tinted Windows
    Dual Side exhaust
    Front Chin Spoiler
    Purple Painted Caliber's
    3 IN 1 - Meter4it-Sequential/ Chase kit Turnsignals
    Stack Racing Billet V6 Grill
    Kaenen Mustang Mach 1 Style Hood
    Customer Painted Hood with LED inserted
    Custom Painted Side Badges- Not installed
    Custom Painted Front Pony- Not Installed
    Custom Painted Rear Badge- Not installed
    Redline Hood Struts
    CDC Squiter Nozzle Relocator Kit
    UPR Upper and Lower Control Arms-Not Installed


    Custom Painted Interior Accents


    Custom Painted Plenum Cover


    17' GT Rims

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