1. General Information
    Flying Yankee
    Vapor Silver Metallic

    During the Summer of 08 my Parents were both back & forth in the hospital at the same time.. My Windstar broke down twice during this time & they finally found the problem. when I was at the dealership here sat this beautiful Mustang.. Not long after that it looked good in my driveway... The car means a lot to me-Labor day 08 I took my Father to a picnic with friends. When I picked him up I pulled out of the park- Looked at him smiled and punched it!!! Never looked a my speed, My father smiled & never said a word. Two weeks later he was gone. I have had a great time with the car which has 32,000 Miles on it as of August 2014.


    Sequential Taillights
    Borla Stingers

    Stock except a K&N Cold Air Intake

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